SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شركة شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة

It is the policy of Shawahiq tayba Company to supply its customers with construction materials that conform to all generally accepted workmanship standards, contractually specified requirements and statutory requirements. The quality objectives for the Company are established by senior management and monitored to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system. ​We undertake, through instruction, practical example and in house training, to ensure that the achievement of quality is everybody’s aim throughout the Company and that each employee has a proper understanding of the importance of the quality system function and its direct relevance to our success. The quality management system is reviewed at regular intervals to ensure its continued effectiveness and to identify opportunities for improvement. The quality management system implemented within Demix meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and in house company practices.

For Year 2020

  • Maintaining ISO 9001:2015, Certification Standards for our concrete plants.
  • During this tear all new employees to obtain certifications relevant to their job functions.
  • Achieving 95 percent on time Delivery.
  • Achieving 95 percent Customer Satisfaction
  • Internal and External Training to be given to all QC Staff regularly
  • Health and Safety manual to be updated regularly.