SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شركة شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة
for Zero Defect

We apply the best quality 

of management standards


Team of Shawahiq Tayba strives

To provide the best guaranteed

products and services to all its

customers & in order to achieve

that we apply the best standards

of Quality Assurance to

our operations.

We seek zero defects in the ready-mixed concrete industry
In Shawahiq Tayba a team of quality management focuses on providing confidence that the aimed quality requirements will be ful filled. ” The confidence provided by quality assurance is two ways—internally
to management and externally to customers,government agencies, regulators, certifiers, and thirdparties. With all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system that can be demonstrated to provide confidence that a product orservice will fulfill requirements for quality.”
According to the Six Sigma set of techniques, Shawahiq Tayba incorporated the idea of Zero Defects into the concept of ‘Absolutes of QualityManagement‘.
The idea was subsequently popularized by, among other things, implementing it into the employee training and quality procedures. Many different concrete mixes, and specifications have been made about Zero Defects.