SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شركة شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة
Here are some typical applications
where Healing-agent can be used :
Tunnel elements Highly
Basement walls and flooring
Marine constructions
Bridge and parking decks
Liquid-containing reservoirs
Subsurface constructions
Pavements and Parking Lots
Dynamic load Bearng Buildings
where Healing-agent can be used :
Healing-Agent will autonomously seals and waterproof the crack up to 1-mm wide Permanent sealing occurs due to limestone formation. The additiv Healing agent is Compatible with all commercial concrete mixtures. Contains a biodegrad able polymeric min eral precursor compound and a bio-based enzymatic catalyst. An Amazing Bacteria with life Up to 200 years! Tailor made solutions to the concrete problrms.One of the technical specialist will support your team to design the concrete self-healing mix. It will be tailor made specially for your project requirement.The addition of material in general between 5 and 10 kg healing agent is added to per m3 concrete mix is required, depending on project requirement. Healing Agent can be added directly at the concrete batch plant or added directly to the truck mixer on site. we understands the requirement of the current market and our material provides a reliable and profitability solution to its customers.
We have developed this products to meet all requirements of the current construction Industry. The Healing agent for the new concrete construction and the Repair Mortar , Liquid repair system specially developed for the Existing Concrete which is not been constructed using Healing agent.
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Exclusively in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also for the first time in the Middle East the award winning European innovation, bio concrete also called as self-healing concrete.