SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شركة شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة SHAWAHIQ TAYBA READY MIX CONCRETE شواهق طيبة للخرسانة الجاهزة


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Abdullah is a reputed businessman In

Medina, Over 10 years of experience

in the field of construction. He

owns several companies that

has made a good contribution

to the Saudi Arabian

economy in recent years.

We strive to offer the best to our customers

Key to our success is building long term relationships.Our aim is to achieve this with our customers by consistently delivering exceptional results that are on time and within their needs and end users.

Our dedicated project team have enhanced their areas of speciality through experience on dynamic projects of complex scope, whilst upholding the Saudi Arabian Standards.

Industry-recognised project management skills are combined with proven business consultation. In our pursuit of excellence our safety record is a testament to our dedication & commitment pursuit of excellence. Shawahiq Tayba Co safety standards and quality assurance programs guarantee our competitive price, schedule accountability and commitment to excellence.

We have a long term vision. We are passionate about fostering a strong, sustainable and pro table growth. To make our vision a reality, it is our responsibility to look after our clients, end users, employees and the environment.

Our immediate aspiration is to continue learning, adapting and setting new benchmarks.